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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to Sign Up for Google Adsense

  1. Go to and click the start button.
  2. You must have a Google account, a website or blog in which to place ads, and a mailing address.
  3. Walk through the setup process and await a confirmation from Google of your acceptance or rejection. This can take a few days.
  4. If you are on Blogger, setting up Google AdSense can be done right through your blogger dashboard.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Earn Money With Google Adsense

google adsense make money
       AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.
       Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money from your site. It could become a stable source of income for you, of course with knowledge about how to optimize adsense revenue like ads placement, ads positioning etc.
        The advertisements are controlled and managed by Google and Web publishers simply need to create a free AdSense account and copy and paste provided code to display the ads. Revenue using AdSense is generated on a per-click or per-impression basis. It is free to become a verified website publisher in the Google AdSense program.
       Adsense pays by Check, Western Union and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). Minimum payout is $100 and you can only receive once payment a month.

Fig. 2. Adsense Payment Screen Shot

        Google currently offers a number of different AdSense programs. Below is an explanation for three kind of Adsense program types:

  • AdSense for Content

        The content-based adverts can be targeted for interest or context. The targeting can be CPC (click) or CPM (impression) based. There's no significant difference between CPC and CPM earnings, however CPC ads are more common. There are various ad sizes available for content ads. The ads can be simple text, image, animated image, flash, video, or rich media ads. At most ad sizes, users can change whether to show both text and multimedia ads or just one of them.

  • AdSense for Search

        AdSense for search allows publisher to display ads relating to search terms on their site and receive 51% of the revenue generated from those ads. AdSense custom search ads can be displayed either alongside the results from an AdSense Custom Search Engine or alongside internal search results through the use of Custom Search Ads. Custom Search Ads are only available to white-listed publishers.
Although the revenue share from AdSense for Search (51%) is lower than from AdSense for Content (68%) higher returns can be achieved due to the potential for higher Click Through Rates.

  • AdSense for video

      AdSense for video allows publishers with video content to generate revenue using ad placements from Google's extensive advertising network. The publisher is able to decide what type of ads are shown against their video inventory. Formats available include linear video ads (pre-roll or post-roll), overlay ads that display AdSense text and display ads over the video content, and the TrueView format. Publishers can also display companion ads - display ads that run alongside video content outside the player. AdSense for video is for publishers running video content within a player and not for YouTube publishers.

        Well.. are you getting interested for Google Adsense? Start to Sign Up for Google Adsense Account now. Read our direction here : How to Sign Up for Google Adsense.